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In the immortal words of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison: “People are strange.” It’s a song that George Condo happened to be listening to in his studio one day and it became the title of his latest show inaugurating Hauser & Wirth’s new West Hollywood location. 
Since antiquity, fine jewels have been worn by royalty, to symbolize their power, opulence, and dignity as rulers of nations and empires.
What could be more charming and ridiculous than a show that situates itself at the intersection between opulence and buttocks? This inventive gathering pulls together unlikely paintings, sculptures, and even video to intermingle and invite visual and verbal puns.
Based in LA, Fallah makes detailed, collage-esque paintings with mirrored and patterned images.
What began with eight prints and one drawing currently encompasses about 200,000 pieces from all over the world across multiple genres, including millions of films and film stills. Here we dive into ten things you may not know about MoMA.
The Met Gala, the annual fundraising even for the Met Museum’s Costume Institute, was this past Monday. It is known for its extravagant and innovative fashion, and this year’s Gala did not disappoint.
Historical sites aren’t always what they seem. Many famous, seemingly well-preserved historic monuments, such as those on the Acropolis at Athens, are the product of anastylosis – the practice of restoring old buildings using the original material.
I graduated college in the early 1970s and wrote my Master’s thesis on Carlos Castaneda and Moksha as a form of Liberation. At that time, I was reading Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell, attending Sufi dance performances, going through Jungian therapy, studying William Blake, and even contemplating a trip to Lindisfarne. 
Iconic American sculptor Alexander Calder (1898―1976) invented “mobiles”―carefully balanced, often whimsical kinetic hanging sculptures, powered by wind or motors.
The first director of the Museum of Modern Art, Alfred H. Barr Jr, said that a museum was a vehicle in motion: forward-moving, adaptive, and contemporary.