Art News

AuctionJanuary 09, 2020
"Gefährliche Straße (Dangerous Street)" is a picture of the First World War as it was played out on the streets of Berlin, painted during the last months of the War in July 1918.
MuseumJanuary 09, 2020
In the nave of Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s 18th-century Chapel, three monumental organic forms rise from the ground, spread with landscapes, buildings and mysterious structures.
GalleryJanuary 07, 2020
Combining utilitarian objects, sculptures, photographs and paintings into a visual landscape meant to provoke engagement from the viewer, Comfort investigates comfort’s relationship to aesthetics and…
MuseumJanuary 06, 2020
Arnulf Rainer numbers among the most important and influential artists of the present.
At LargeJanuary 04, 2020

When the short, dark days of winter send most of us under the covers nursing a hot chocolate or anything with a shot of rum, artists, driven by tenacity and curiosity continue to explore the vagaries of the season reproduced in two or three dimensions. The earliest images of winter…

MuseumJanuary 02, 2020
By the 1960s many American and international artists were pushing abstraction in new directions, exploring a range of formal possibilities and liberating uses of color in their work.
MuseumDecember 30, 2019
The first major exhibition on Louisiana landscape painting in more than 40 years, Inventing Acadia explores the rise of landscape painting in Louisiana during the 19th century, revealing its role in…
MuseumDecember 28, 2019
The V&A has acquired a previously unknown porcelain sculpture Head of a Laughing Child (about 1746–49) after its chance discovery at a French flea market eight years ago.
AuctionDecember 27, 2019

Despite overall sales being down, this was still a banner year for art auctions, with a huge number of world record-setting sales. Many people are calling the end of this decade a new Gilded Age, and collectors all over the world have been willing to spend enormous sums, on everything from 19th-…

MuseumDecember 26, 2019

LOS ANGELES – Käthe Kollwitz (1867–1945), one of the foremost graphic artists of the 20th century, is celebrated for her affecting portrayals of poverty, injustice, and loss in a…