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The grant recipients selected for 2022 will explore the materialization of microscopic imaging technology, the distributive properties of mycelium networks, artificial intelligence, and relationships between diverse fields of research and the inquiries of contemporary artists.
Demonstrations of civil unrest are a fundamental part of American history. They unify marginalized individuals and give voices to groups who are so often silenced. Although the messages of protest signs can greatly differ from one another, the signs themselves always share a few general trademarks.
The underground cities of Cappadocia—located in the middle of Turkey’s Central Anatolia Plateau—are one of the most awe-inspiring remnants of the ancient world. Comprised of vast tunnel complexes, these cities are one of many byproducts of the region's historic volcanic activity.
During his career, Fenton achieved many things including the founding of the Royal Photographic Society. Yet, his worldwide fame and recognition as the first war photoreporter comes from the images he took during the Crimean War (1853-1856).
Spread over two capacious floors, the exhibit is Eisenman’s first presentation of new paintings in New York City after a seven-year hiatus in which their sculpture, fresh examples of which are also on view, took center stage.
Fine-art photographer Diane Allison managed to stop summertime with her camera. In a salute to the season, she captured quintessential macro moments and digitized her images with her own brand of photographic fairy dust.
On the topic of selling art, one might immediately think of vast museums, prestigious galleries, and established fairs with only the finest paintings at extraordinary prices. Although these venues have impressive track records, there are other, more accessible paths that inexperienced or up-and-coming artists can take.
Bonheur put a year and a half into location-based preparatory sketching for "The Horse Fair" and pulled from a number of unique masterworks to find inspiration for the final product. Unsurprisingly, it immediately drew praise upon its showing at the Salon of 1853.
Categorized as an Old Master within the canon of art history, Sir Peter Paul Rubens' work is characterized by a high concentration of color, movement, and form. Surpassing visual dynamism, many of his masterpieces aptly convey key socio-religious conflicts of the period.
Psychologically, blue has a calming effect and green is enlivening. Combine the two and you have a wonderful balance. Teal offers a colorful haven between tranquility and revitalization, like the ocean and palm trees; a tropical beach vacation; a soothing respite for the senses.