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MCA Denver's lively response to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021 demonstrates the saving grace of creativity in a crisis.
Considered one of the first major art movements of the modern era, Impressionism was a radical revolt against the contemporary standards of academic painting.
Mosaics adorned the floors, walls, and ceilings of public and domestic buildings. The best mosaics go beyond mere decoration; they are masterpieces of design and execution.
Van Gogh's sister-in-law, van Gogh-Bonger, is largely responsible for his fame. After the death of Vincent and Theo, she loaned some of her brother-in-law’s paintings to museums for exhibitions while selling others—including The Starry Night.
For the first time at a major art fair, NFT’s, a phenomenon spurred on by COVID, take center stage, which means art lovers who’ve spent the past year and a half looking at art on their screens, can now look at it on a screen in public!
This comprehensive survey show investigates the fundamentals of Blake’s practice in collage over a career spanning seven decades, bringing together historic works and never-before-seen pieces.
Truly great films can be hard to come by, especially with the endless options afforded by streaming platforms these days. That's why Art & Object is bringing you this curated list of top options.
Spanning two floors of the gallery, the presentation spotlights a selection of the artist’s bronze works alongside smaller-scale, vibrantly colored sculptures made of wood.
Even if you can’t hold it in your hands, it is still art—at least, that appears to be the consensus as of mid-2021, when the NFT art market has mushroomed by more than 800 percent—or $429 million—in value since the year began.
The design offering’s noteworthy highlights include thirty-four works of studio pottery and art glass, with exceptional pieces by Dale Chihuly, Jon Kuhn, Paul Stankard, and Christopher Ries.