In current times, we’re in need of change. The five exhibitions highlighted here offer formulas for renewal in surprisingly inventive ways.
As part of a prestigious traveling exhibit on still life painting, Scott Fraser’s work keeps him in motion.
The William Blake Gallery is only the second-ever gallery devoted to the artwork of the radical, visionary printmaker from the Romantic period, William Blake (1757-1827).
Combining elements of photography, sculpture, frottage, ink, and graphite drawings, Nate Lewis’ intricately carved works on paper reflect his experience as a critical-care nurse and challenge…
The intimacy of the gallery space at 57 Orchard creates the perfect context for Jacotey’s work, which always makes the viewer want to get a bit closer.
A visual journey into the creative minds of some of the Arab world's most prominent artists and their approaches to non-representational art.
The first major survey of Whitten’s works on paper, this landmark exhibition explores the evolution of the artist's drawing process through seventy-six works on paper from the 1960s to the late 2010s.
"A Perfect Storm" is an apt expression for the urgent and unresolved challenges of global warming, pollution, climate change, and many more environmental problems that have become a reality for…