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Art & Object is a fine art news website that brings readers the latest art news and most important art stories. Its mission is to inform collectors and drive the conversation about art. Founded in 2017, Art & Object is based in Chapel Hill, NC.

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100 Europa Drive, Suite 290
Chapel Hill. NC 27517-2310
TEL: (800) 662-4834
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Jeremy Howell Editor-in-Chief, Co-Creator

Rebecca Schiffman Assistant Editor

Catherine Garner Advertising Manager, Contact

Peggy Carouthers Custom Content Editor

Rosie Rosenbrock Art Director

Jason Purdy IT Manager

Ettagale Blauer Jewelry Arts Contributor

Nia Bowers Regular Contributor

Cynthia Close Regular Contributor

Angelica Frey Regular Contributor

Howard Halle Regular Contributor

Rozalia Jovanovic Regular Contributor

Barbara MacAdam Regular Contributor

Anna Claire Mauney Regular Contributor

Allison C. Meier Regular Contributor

Chandra Noyes Regular Contributor

Jordan Riefe Regular Contributor

Megan D. Robinson Regular Contributor