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The auction of a Roman Villa—known as Villa Aurora or Casino Dell’Aurora—has recently been announced and set a stir within the art world. Why? Because it contains the only known ceiling mural executed by the legendary artist Caravaggio.
Created between 2020 and 2021, Katz’s White Coat paintings are based on the likeness of Vivien Bittencourt, a photographer and filmmaker, and the artist’s daughter-in-law. Across these eleven portraits, Katz paints Vivien in a variety of dynamic compositions unified by a brilliant light blue ground color.
Thanks to the work of diligent researchers like Jennifer Higgie, the hidden talents of an eye-opening number of extraordinary female artists who have been, for too long, trapped in the shadows of their male counterparts, are finally exposed. Here are ten female artists who unflinchingly painted their inner and outer realities over the last five centuries.
Teens, who grew up on social media and meme culture, have taken to the online art world organically, where NFTs are like physical collector’s items only digital: instead of an oil painting to hang on the wall (or a Pokémon card to hold in their hand) the buyer gets a digital file and one of a kind identifying code that is recorded on a blockchain. Only one person has exclusive ownership and therefore digital bragging rights.
The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) recently acquired a major work by legendary contemporary artist Nick Cave. “Soundsuit 8:46” (2021), a mixed-media mannequin of vintage floral textiles and sequined appliques, is a response to recent police violence against people of color.
Many of the most prolific and thoughtful digital artists have backgrounds in industries outside of the fine art world such as animation or advertisement. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, they tend to be much more visible on social media than a great deal of fine artists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they tend to be much more visible on social media than a great deal of fine artists. Here are seven digital artists you should be following on Instagram.
In this new body of work, Fallon—known for his striking images of ambiguous figures that both draw on and challenge existing traditions of portraiture—explores how the practice of collecting shapes the fashioning of domestic space. From the most lavish to the most impoverished of circumstances, the spaces of human habitation take form through the amassing of objects.
Upon its creation, Quidor’s painting was widely panned by art critics for being too dark and focusing more on the woodland nature than on the chase. In many ways, this was a clever choice by Quidor, whose perspective reveals the two men for what they are: immature characters fighting over a young woman who is attracted to neither of them.
For more than a decade, Allison Katz has been exploring painting’s relationship to questions of identity and expression, selfhood and voice. The work for "Artery" was developed over the last two years, in parallel with the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new paintings, posters, and exhibition design are infused with questions of communication and connection, distancing, and intimacy.
Here we look at nine examples of beautiful autumnal imagery and spirit. From Claude Monet's seasonal "Haystacks" to Giuseppe Arcimboldo's  "Autumn" installment of his strange flora-based portrait series to Yayoi Kusama's iconic "Pumpkin," these artists explore the true scope of fall.