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In the early hours of July 18, a fire at the iconic Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes shocked France.
A new exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art examines the work of contemporary African American artists who use a mixture of text and images to tackle cultural stereotypes and challenge oppressive racial characterizations.
The femme fragile was the product of its time: in the Victorian era, feminine weakness conveyed Godliness and mental purity.
With galleries slowly reopening across the Americas, especially in cities where the curve has been flattened, we took a look at the solo shows on view and found a number of exhibitions dealing with concepts of art-making in fresh and exciting ways.
The mysteries of the life and inner-working of Vincent van Gogh have captivated art lovers for over a century. This month, a researcher with a keen eye made a discovery that gives us further insight into his last days and final masterpiece.
So much of what we know about art comes from art historians, but how much do we know about the art historians themselves?
This year marks the 13th annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), with submissions from thousands of photographers from all over the globe.
A stunning, intimate portrait by Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens is set to make waves at auction this week.
This week, Magnum’s Square Print Sale will present over one hundred images and texts by international artists curated under the theme of Solidarity, challenging participating photographers to reflect upon the power of togetherness in tumultuous times.
Conservators at the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) have discovered a treasure hidden in one of their most famous Picasso works.