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The word salon has a rich history of its own and was even used to indicate several different things within France in this period including an elite social gathering often led by a woman, a large reception hall, or an academic art exhibition.
Roman ruins are not normally found in the buildings of insurance companies. Yet in the Rome headquarters of Enpam—the National Insurance and Assistance Body for Doctors and Dentists—visitors descend below ground to the remains of an ancient luxury garden complex. 
Many modern audiences, upon learning about the intricacies of Paul Gauguin’s life, adopt a distaste for him as a person. Even so, between bouts of deplorable behavior, Gauguin created art that many experts consider important to the art-historical timeline. 
A collection of drawings by Jewish Argentinian-American artist Mauricio Lasansky took the world by storm after their debut at the Whitney Museum of Art in 1967, followed by a tour of North America. The drawings depicted the Holocaust in all its brutal horror.
Street photography—the thoroughly unpredictable and often magical framing of a moment—was embraced early in the 20th century by women photographers. A new exhibition at Howard Greenberg Gallery will survey more than seven decades of work by 12 women photographers.
This author has been to a number of museums in the world and never has she found a gem as hidden as the Walters Art Museum. Tucked away in a corner of Baltimore, the Walters is the kind of museum this author would love to take her mother and father to visit.
After a year’s hiatus, the eighth annual FOG Design+Art Fair returns to San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center, January 20–23, 2022. Bringing together over forty major art and design dealers and galleries from all over the world, the return of this popular fair promises to be unforgettable.
From community-minded installations, documentary photographs, confrontational mixed-media sculptures, to hyper-realist paintings, the following works force us to reconsider what basketball is on a local scale, who benefits, who is taken advantage of, and what fandom means today.
Installed alongside Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle, Jennie C. Jones: Dynamics invites a surprising dialogue between the two artists for whom music is central to the composition of their respective works. The synesthetic experience of encountering Jones’s art mirrors Kandinsky’s own.
Amy Laugesen sculpts horses and mules in homage to their roles in the history of Colorado. However, her rustic yet elegant ceramic and mixed-media equine sculptures look as if they could have been created on another continent in another millennium.