One Each invites a dialogue with the past, exploring the impact that the still lifes of the 1860s had on art movements in the 20th century, including, and perhaps most importantly, Cubism.
This solo exhibition explores the artist’s approach to visualizing poetry and prose in multi-branched projects through books, typography, animation, performance.
Six-Week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Explores Art Created between 1980 and the Present, Including Over 70 Artworks from MoMA’s Collection
To mark the 150th anniversary of The Met’s incorporation, directors have planned a wide range of activities and events over the next several months, including an immersive exhibit about the museum’s…
In the nave of Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s 18th-century Chapel, three monumental organic forms rise from the ground, spread with landscapes, buildings and mysterious structures.
Arnulf Rainer numbers among the most important and influential artists of the present.
By the 1960s many American and international artists were pushing abstraction in new directions, exploring a range of formal possibilities and liberating uses of color in their work.
What do cataloguers do? What information about photographs is most relevant to record?