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Learning about the lives and works of great artists can be as easy as plopping down on the couch and scrolling through your favorite streaming platform. Here are some films about art you don't want to miss.
Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and Picasso have been alluring subjects for filmmakers throughout the history of cinema. Artists of far lesser stature have also inspired filmmakers over the years. Some are deserving of our attention while others are better left “undiscovered.” Here are a few examples that may surprise you and further ignite your curiosity to explore their legacy.
With the help of a two-wheeled robot named the Double, up to five people can ride along with the videoconferencing bot as it peruses the galleries.
The fund, to be administered by the California Community Foundation, will provide emergency operating support and recovery grants to small and mid-size organizations located in Los Angeles County.
Artists have provided inspirational subject matter for filmmakers since the earliest days of moving image storytelling and none have occupied a more central place in filmmaker’s imaginations than Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890).
What began with eight prints and one drawing currently encompasses about 200,000 pieces from all over the world across multiple genres, including millions of films and film stills. Here we dive into ten things you may not know about MoMA.
Art imitates life. But when ordinary life seems to be on hold, it’s time to imitate art.
Pablo Picasso, arguably the most recognized name in 20th-century art, is also one of the most frenetically prolific, and well-documented.

On March 25, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the hotly contested $2 trillion stimulus plan, which includes provisions for arts organizations and museums, and the House of Representatives is expected to pass the bipartisan bill Friday. The move, however, is a bittersweet response for art and museum institutions, as funding levels are still far from what is needed to bail out museums suffering from COVID-19-related shutdowns.

It’s the kind of discovery that those who haunt museums and libraries dream of: a long-forgotten or over-looked object reveals itself to be something more valuable and meaningful than previously thought.