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Beyond restricting social interactions and physical mobility, global stay-at-home orders impacted the work of contemporary artists around the world in a number of ways.
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith’s large-scale work on canvas holds its own in the National Gallery of Art's museum’s pop art gallery, where it currently hangs beside works by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol.
In a new series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs in the U.S., beginning with the Southeast.
Architect and designer Neri Oxman's muse is nature, but her medium is the 3-D printer.
Sotheby’s new approach to live auctions in the age of coronavirus was a success last week, offering hope to investors across the art market.
For over sixty years, experts have searched for a monumental work missing from Frida Kahlo’s oeuvre: The Wounded Table.

On July 19, New Orleans Auction Galleries' Fine Art Auction will host its annual Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Auction. The sale will feature works by artists such as Fernand Leger, Milton Avery, Martha Walter, Dorothy Hood, Louise Nevelson, Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte, Yvonne Canu, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, Toots Zynsky, Olaf Wieghorst, Futura 2000, Lin Emery, Wolf Kahn, William J. McCloskey, Enrique Alferez, Ida Kohlmeyer, George Dureau, Laurie Simmons, Salvador Dali, Ashley Longshore, Alexandra Nechita and George Rodrigue among many others.

In addition to protest art seen around the world, creative facemasks seen on social media and at protests are bringing inspired art to troubled times.
Works of art depicting the natural world have long proven to be a source of escapism for artists and audiences alike, proving that travel doesn’t have to be a physical activity in order to be fulfilling.

As art exhibitions have begun to reopen amidst the continuing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve discovered that a number of American galleries are highlighting abstraction, even though figuration is what’s generally trending today. 

Whether it’s a stylistic shift or merely a coincidence, we’ll have to wait and see in order to further evaluate, but what we can uncover now is that regardless of gender or age, abstraction still holds a fascination with artists and continues to convey a pictorial language that takes viewers beyond their day to day existence.