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As the European location of the premier global destination for art and design education, SCAD Lacoste is now celebrating twenty years of creativity and innovation with the unveiling of Promenade de Sculptures. The enthralling, permanent installation of ten large-scale works embodies the ingenuity of ten student, alumni, and faculty artists — all elite representatives of SCAD’s talented network.
After a two-year hiatus, The Boston International Fine Art Show returned in grand style on Thursday evening with its preview gala. The fair, which runs from October 20 to 23, is being held at The Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts.
Here are 10 ways to embody art this Halloween.
The North Carolina Museum of Art began its “collection of art for the people” in 1928 when the then North Carolina State Art Society received a bequest of approximately 75 paintings from Robert F. Phifer.
Last week at the National Gallery in London, protestors from the campaign group, Just Stop Oil, threw a can of Heinz tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers and glued themselves to the wall of the gallery.
Ugandan multidisciplinary performance and installation artist, Acaye Kerunen, is making quite a splash on the international art scene. Combining storytelling, writing, acting, and activism in her art, Kerunen designs and creates ambitious, beautifully rendered biomorphic textile installation pieces.
The art world has its share of mysteries. From the impressive scale of prehistoric structures, to who exactly posed for enigmatic portraits.
Over the summer, excavators at Pompeii made an insightful and critical discovery that highlights the everyday lives of the non-elite of ancient Roman society, a portion of the population that is so rarely able to be studied. In the Region V site of the archeological park, excavators found a “middle-class” dwelling and its furnishings.
Famous for founding the Stewart Gardner Museum with her husband John L. “Jack” Gardner, Isabella Stewart Gardner (1840–1924) was a renowned nineteenth and early twentieth-century Boston art collector, art patron, and philanthropist known for her keen love of and appreciation for art, culture, and architecture. 
The Berkshires, a lush region of mountains, rolling green hills, and picturesque farmland in western Massachusetts, has long attracted artists looking to escape the summer heat and the frenetic year-round activity of nearby cities, New York, and Boston.