At Large

Denmark and Iceland are rekindling a decades-old conflict over an invaluable collection of manuscripts.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that The Costume Institute’s spring 2020 exhibition will be About Time: Fashion and Duration, on view from May 7 through September 7, 2020.
In the 1960s, a different Robert De Niro was making a name for himself in the New York art scene.

Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses how Puerto Rico is an island of diversity, rich in art and culture. 

Benjamin Creme is best known for his out-there New Age philosophies. The Scottish esotericist died in 2016, leaving behind extensive writings on spiritualism, the coming of the Messiah, UFOs, and…

Using a tree trunk strapped the roof of their car, a daring group of thieves made a dramatic entrance into a rural French cathedral Monday morning.
Peter McGough has a smartphone. That may not sound particularly newsworthy in 2019, but for an artist who famously eschewed modern conveniences like electricity, this is a surprising revelation.
More than just muses, the models that made Pre-Raphaelite art a success had artistic ambitions of their own.