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King Tutankhamun—or King Tut—first entered the Western zeitgeist in 1922, when his tomb was opened by the British archaeologist Howard Carter and his financier the fifth Earl of Carnarvon. The near-perfect preservation of the tomb’s 5,398 artifacts fascinated the world.
Founded in 2017 by Manar and Sharifah Alhinai, Sekka is an online arts and culture platform that highlights remarkable stories from around the Arab world.
Hussain AlMoosawi is an Emirati designer and photographer whose work sits at the intersection of research and creativity. In an ongoing series, AlMoosawi photographs architectural facades around the United Arab Emirates, capturing and cataloging the multifaceted urban landscape. 
Prior to its special presentation in Venice, Le Grand Canal will embark on a global tour, stopping first in Taipei, where, on 27 March, it will be unveiled to the public for the first time in 25 years, since it was last exhibited at the Kimbell Art Museum in 1997.
When the czar Alexander III took the throne in 1881—accompanied by his wife, Maria Feodorovna, he unwittingly began a lavish Easter tradition within the Russian imperial court—the bedazzled egg.
In the spirit of the English poet Alexander Pope, art, like hope, springs eternal. Many artists have recognized the uplifting power of spring, particularly in times of societal upheaval. These ten artworks remind us that spring always follows the dark days of winter.
Scholars and curators are reviving these oeuvres and changing the way we talk about women in art history. From the paper cuttings of Joanna Koerten to the drawings of Gesina Ter Borch, here is a preview of the virtuosic, detailed, and exciting work of (some of!) the women of the Dutch Golden Age.
Due to associations with creativity, craftsmanship, and pleasure, wine is often closely aligned with art and consumers often pay good money to enjoy both. These wineries—from Northern California to the North Island of New Zealand—all center art as a crucial aspect of their identities.
The Savannah College of Art and Design proudly announces the appointment of Daniel S. Palmer as the new chief curator of the SCAD Museum of Art. The announcement coincides with SCAD MOA’s 10th-anniversary celebration, occasioning a bold new era for the premier teaching museum.
Exclusively curated by museum security guards, Guarding the Art features nearly thirty works of art handpicked from the Baltimore Museum of Art collection.