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Most kids have the opportunity to experiment with creative outlets, whether it be coloring, finger-paints, or macaroni art. Extraordinary talent is not expected, however, in some rare cases innate ability can emerge and transcend the everyday skill of adolescent creativity.
The art world has its share of mysteries. From the impressive scale of prehistoric structures, to who exactly posed for enigmatic portraits.
A painting by Vincent van Gogh that has been in the same family for over a hundred years is set to be sold at auction next week in a joint sale at Sotheby’s and the Paris-based Mirabaud Mercier. The work, which is estimated to sell for $6 to $9.5 million, has never been exhibited publicly.
The Museum of Modern Art announces Alexander Calder: Modern from the Start, a focused look at one of the most well-known and beloved artists of the twentieth century through the lens of his relationship with MoMA.
Berry Campbell Gallery is pleased to announce a survey exhibition of collage works by Queens-based, African American artist, Frank Wimberley (b. 1926).
Perhaps in an effort to address the scandal, this year’s projects cover wide-ranging social and environmental issues, exploring “themes of land rights and ownership, the desert as a border, migration, water exploitation, social justice, racial narratives of the west, the gendered landscape, and the role of women and young people.” 
Saatchi Gallery is pleased to present JR: Chronicles - the largest solo museum exhibition to date of the internationally recognized French artist JR, featuring some of his most iconic projects from the past fifteen years.
Shattered Glass gathers a group of forty international artists of color whose subjects don’t ask, but rather demand to take up space.
Early eighteenth-century France saw the emergence of Rococo style—an offshoot of the Baroque movement. Also called late baroque, Rococo artwork, architecture, and decor maintained the exuberance and theatricality of the Baroque but diverged with its use of asymmetry, warm-toned pastels, chinoiserie, and excessive florals.
If you have a bent for the occasional musical throwback, you may wonder why Prince wouldn't sing about “Red Rain.” At least the aforementioned title could boast an alliterative appeal. Alas, the fascination with purple has existed for centuries before it filled our musical and literary spaces in the eighties.