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The process-driven practices of artist Laura Anderson Barbata engage a wide variety of platforms and geographies. Centered on issues of cultural diversity and sustainability, her work blends political activism, street theater, sculpture, and arts education. Since the early 1990s, Anderson Barbata has initiated projects with people living in the Amazon of Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Norway, and New York.

An emerging star on the international art scene, Robert Nava was born in 1985 in East Chicago, where he first started drawing characters from cartoons and cereal boxes as a child.
Acquavella Galleries is pleased to present Tom Sachs: Work, the artist’s first solo exhibition in Florida. Tom Sachs: Work emphasizes the artist’s desire to revisit long-held themes and ideas over decades, revising and expanding upon them.
The following failed restoration jobs range from humorous to disgraceful. Some were so easy to fix, it’s like they never happened. Others have left masterpieces so irrevocably damaged that huge fines had to be issued. The rest seem to fall into a gray area, with members of the general public and professional communities still debating whether or not these so-called failures carry much weight in the grand scheme.
Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce Mine, a new exhibition by Simon Denny opening Thursday, March 18, 2021 at the gallery’s Chelsea location.
During the last week of February 2021, Miami-based art collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile sold a ten-second video art piece for $6.6 million. Entitled Crossroads, the video was created by Beeple and depicts the prone figure of Donald Trump—gigantic, nude, and graffitied—in the middle of an otherwise idyllic park scene.
Hutchinson Modern & Contemporary is pleased to share, Debora Hirsch: Firmamento.
In the new documentary, M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity filmmaker Robin Lutz utilizes sound to create a visceral connection between the artist and his audience.
In time for spring, celebrated Asian sculptural painter, Zhuang Hong Yi, will unveil his newest works in the highly anticipated solo exhibition titled Essence. Launching HOFA Gallery, London, on 8 March the show is centered on the artist's message of hope and positivity, conveyed by the mesmerizing intensity and emotiveness of colors inspired by nature.
The French occupation of Rome is the subject of a new exhibition in the city—Napoleon and the Myth of Rome (curated by Claudio Parisi Presicce, Massimiliano Munzi, Simone Pastor, and Nicoletta Bernacchio).