Phillips Offers NFT That Creates New Works of Art Every 28 Days

Phillip's Auction of REPLICATOR, a Multi-Generational NFT
Courtesy Phillips.

Still image from Generation 1 of REPLICATOR.

Phillips is pleased to announce the sale of REPLICATOR by Mad Dog Jones, the first NFT to be offered by the auction house in company history. With an opening bid of $100, the work was created with the ability to generate new unique NFTs from itself every twenty-eight days. REPLICATOR will be offered in an online-only auction, open for bidding to collectors around the globe from April 12 to 23. Edward Dolman, Phillips’ Chief Executive Officer, said, “Phillips is pleased to begin our NFT journey with such a hugely celebrated digital artist who has both shaped and transcended the crypto community. REPLICATOR is a first-of-its-kind work to appear at auction, redefining the expectations of a work of art as it draws a compelling relationship between medium and form. We look forward to bringing this exciting project to new audiences at Phillips and seeing its unique iterations and the future of this market unfold.”

Event Information
Start Date: April 12, 2021
End Date: April 23, 2021