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Sell fine art with Art & Object Marketplace

Find Customers with a passion for art

Art & Object Marketplace is a new curated fine art marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers. We make it easy to sell fine art on the Internet.

Built by the team behind the Art & Object news website, we're inviting galleries, independent artists, and other sellers of fine art to join our online platform.

Dedicated to selling just art, sellers can offer paintings, prints, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, textiles, and photography. We welcome new and secondary artworks.

To inquire about joining Art & Object Marketplace, please fill out the form below!

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Simple business model

List as many items as you wish. Prices are always displayed for a transparent customer experience. We find the buyers and facilitate secure transactions. Payouts occur twice a month

Flexible shipping options

We partnered with Arta, a specialist in shipping art. There are three shipping options:

  • Self-ship, Arta Label: Customer pays for shipping at checkout. Arta provides a label and arranges the carrier. You pack the item, label it, and drop off the shipment at the carrier's nearest location.
  • Deluxe: Customer pays for shipping at checkout. Arta picks up the shipment, packages it, and ships it.
  • Free Shipping: Include shipping fees in the item price. You pack, label and ship the item with a carrier of your choice.

Cost-effective, transparent fees

We charge 15% commission on every item sold. There is also an additional 2.97% credit card processing fee and $0.40 cent charge for the tax calculation. No takedown fees. We currently do not charge subscription fees.

Easy-to-use inventory management

It's easy to create a detailed product listing with up to 5 images by using our 'Add Art' page. We also accept bulk uploads if your inventory data is recorded in a spreadsheet.

Gallery storefronts

Tailor your Art & Object storefront to profile your business. Promote exhibitions, events, your website, and social media. Visit our gallery directory to see current sellers.

Artist pages

We welcome a diverse selection of established and emerging artists. Profile the artists you represent on dedicated artist pages. Visit our artist directory to see examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Art & Object Marketplace was created by the company behind the Art & Object news website, which launched in 2017. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Art & Object Marketplace is dedicated to promoting a wide variety of fine art sellers to collectors and art enthusiasts across the US.

Who can sell on your marketplace?

We welcome fine art sellers of all types - galleries, artists, cooperatives, collectives, and online art dealers.

What can be listed for sale?

New and pre-owned fine art. Our 7 mediums are paintings, prints, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, textiles, and photography. We do not allow NFTs.

Is this an international business?

We focus on the United States. We are currently only accepting sellers located in the US.

How is US sales tax handled?

We calculate, collect and remit US sales tax.

Can sellers communicate with buyers?

Yes. We have an on-site buyer-seller messaging system.

What are your terms and conditions, and refund policy?

Review our user agreement for terms and conditions. Customers can apply for a refund if the item is not delivered, if the wrong item is delivered, if the item arrives damaged or if the item has not been accurately described. If a customer changes their mind, a return is at the seller's discretion. Review our refund policy for full details.

How do I join?

Fill out the inquiry form below and someone will be in touch with you soon!

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