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See Audubon Photography Awards' 2020 Winners

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The National Audubon Society has announced the winning photographs of the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards six prizes and four honorable mentions. The award-winning entries were selected from more than 6,000 submissions from across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and seven Canadian provinces and territories.

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Joanna Lentini/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Grand Prize Winner
photograph from underwater of a bird diving after scattering fish
Grand Prize Winner

Joanna Lentini, Double-crested Cormorant.

The eleventh year of the contest honored images that evoke the ingenuity, resilience, and beauty of birds small and large, terrestrial and aquatic across four divisions: Professional, Amateur, Youth and Plants for Birds. The winning photos will be featured in future issues of Audubon and Nature’s Best Photography magazines.

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Sue Dougherty/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Professional Winner
photograph of a magnificent frigate bird in profile
Professional Winner

Sue Dougherty, Magnificent Frigatebird.

The 2020 contest includes the second year of winning photographs for the Plants for Birds Prize and the Fisher Prize. The Plants for Birds Prize highlights the essential role of native plants and the natural habitat and food sources they provide for birds. The Fisher Prize, named after former creative director of Audubon Kevin Fisher, is awarded to the photo that exemplifies a blend of originality and technical expertise.

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Gail Bisson/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Amateur Winner
photograph of heron with its neck outstretched
Amateur Winner

Gail Bisson, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron.

As many enjoy the allure and beauty of birds, two-thirds of North American birds are threatened by extinction from climate change according to Audubon’s latest climate science report, Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink, including species featured in the winning and forthcoming Top 100 collections. Learn more about how climate change will affect the birds in your backyard and communities by entering your zip code into Audubon‘s interactive Birds and Climate Visualizer.

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Vayun Tiwari/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Youth Winner
photograph and of black bird with a yellow crest looking into a lotus blossom
Youth Winner

Vayun Tiwari, Northern Jacana.

2020 Contest Prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $5,000
  • Professional Prize: $2,500
  • Amateur Prize: $2,500
  • Plants for Birds Prize: $2,500
  • Fisher Prize: $1,000
  • Youth Prize: Six days at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine to become a better birder or bird photographer during the 2021 season (transportation included)
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Travis Bonovsky/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Plants for Birds Winner
photograph of a goldfinch upside down with its head in a flower
Plants for Birds Winner

Travis Bonovsky, American Goldfinch on a cup plant.

Meet the 2020 Contest Judges:

  • Steve Freligh, publisher, Nature’s Best Photography
  • Melissa Groo, wildlife photographer and winner of the 2015 contest’s Grand Prize
  • Sabine Meyer, photography director, National Audubon Society
  • Allen Murabayashi, chairman and co-founder, PhotoShelter
  • John Rowden, senior director of bird-friendly communities, National Audubon Society
  • Jason Ward, bird expert and host of "Birds of North America"
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Marlee Fuller-Morris/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Fisher Prize Winner
photograph of a bird half submerged in water with a spray of water around it
Fisher Prize Winner

Marlee Fuller-Morris, American Dipper.

Judging Criteria & Official Rules:

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Gene Putney/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Professional Honorable Mention
photograph of a sage grouse in profile sitting a in field
Professional Honorable Mention

Gene Putney, Greater Sage-Grouse.

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Bibek Ghosh/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Amateur Honorable Mention
photograph of hummingbird in flight with its beak piercing a water droplet
Amateur Honorable Mention

Bibek Ghosh, Anna’s Hummingbird.

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Christopher Smith/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Youth Honorable Mention
photograph of a roadrunner with a lizard in its mouth
Youth Honorable Mention

Christopher Smith, Greater Roadrunner.

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Natalie Robertson/Audubon Photography Awards/2020 Plants for Birds Honorable Mention
photograph of a bird on a branch eating a berry
Plants for Birds Honorable Mention

Natalie Robertson, Tennessee Warbler on an eastern prickly gooseberry.