Greek mythology

How an idealized visual representation of the male form that originated in Ancient Greece has survived more or less intact until today
The embodiment of classical femininity, the goddess Venus has taken many forms throughout art history.
Sando Botticelli’s Primavera, or Allegory of Spring, while pleasant to look at, conceals a complex meaning that, even to this day, scholars are still not in agreement about
Underneath the veneer of classical beauty and harmony, Antonio Canova was a great innovator who modernized sculpture.
Both symbols feature snakes winding up the length of a central staff, though one has two snakes, and usually a set of wings, while the other has only one snake. Could you tell them apart?

Sculptor Petah Coyne treats her materials as a sort of language with which to share stories, drawing inspiration from literary sources as diverse as Greek mythology and Charles Dickens. (…

London - A bronze cast of Sir Alfred Gilbert’s breakthrough work, Perseus Arming, is one of the leading lots in Bonhams Important Design Sale in London on Wednesday 25 October. It…