Truly great films can be hard to come by, especially with the endless options afforded by streaming platforms these days. That's why Art & Object is bringing you this curated list of top options.
Jeff Koons discusses how Marcel Duchamp liberates artists from materiality, allowing them to pursue pure ideas.
The Yanomami Struggle, a comprehensive exhibition presented at The Shed in New York City is dedicated to the collaboration and friendship between artist and activist Claudia Andujar and the…
To escape the gloom and chill of the seasonal shift, you’ll find these seven films offer something to suit every taste.
Pablo Picasso, arguably the most recognized name in 20th-century art, is also one of the most frenetically prolific, and well-documented.
Indiana Jones is a terrible archeologist. Yet, despite the films having next to nothing to do with actual archeological work, he is somehow the most famous icon of the field. Those within the field…
“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” —attributed to Pablo Picasso