female artists

It’s a recent development in art history to include women in numbers that, if not entirely commensurate with their place in society, are certainly far greater than previously.
The surrealism of Rosenstein’s work comes from the way something so bewitching can also be nightmarish, bodily, ironic, and enigmatic.
The often-contentious relationship between artists and those who write about art is as old as culture itself. The art critic’s job is to rationalize what is inherently an irrational pursuit.
NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Berry Campbell is pleased to announce a rare exhibition of paintings from 1965 to 1970 by Mary Dill Henry (1913-2009).
On February 19, Fulgur Press will publish The Tarot of Leonora Carrington, a book that presents facsimiles of the artist's unique deck and serves as yet another portal into the artist’s enigmatic…

Learn about the art and artistic process of Rachelle Baker, a multi-disciplinary artist from Detroit, Michigan.

Organizing the first retrospective for Michaelina Wautier, a forgotten 17th century Dutch woman artist, offered a unique (and exciting) set of curatorial challenges.
A celebrated painter in her own time, Thérèse Schwartze later fell into obscurity. Now she is being rediscovered.