Hobby Lobby president Steve Green’s Museum of the Bible admits culpability in potentially owning stolen objects.
It’s the kind of discovery that those who haunt museums and libraries dream of: a long-forgotten or over-looked object reveals itself to be something more valuable and meaningful than previously…

The story of Buddhist art in China is the story of the nation itself. Though the religion…

The ancient world was actually really colorful. Learn the history behind how we came to think of ancient statues as being white.
A new exhibition at the British Museum explores how the epic has been reshaped and reinterpreted over three millennia.
Striking Power examines iconoclasm in Egypt, focusing on the legacies of kings Hatshesput and Akhenaten, as well as the late Antiquity.
For an emperor whose legacy was condemned after his death, Nero is surprisingly present in Rome today, especially now that his two palaces are again open to the public.
The result of the 80 home searches was the arrest of 23 individuals and the seizure of around 10,000 precious cultural items.