In new community guidelines released this week, Facebook announced a new policy meant to halt the sales of looted artifacts on its platform.
In 2013 The British Museum broadcast live from its blockbuster exhibition Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum. This 90 minute broadcast presented by Bettany Hughes and Peter Snow includes…
A priceless cuneiform tablet owned by Hobby Lobby is one step closer to being returned to its native country this week.
Works of art have long been identified, and sometimes even romanticized, as ideal ways for racketeers to launder money.
Forget the "idle" pyramids of Egypt and the "useless" temples of Greece, the aqueducts of ancient Rome are the "most marvelous structures in the whole world." So claimed Roman writers in the 1st…
A new exhibition at the British Museum explores how the epic has been reshaped and reinterpreted over three millennia.
A cache of silver left behind by the Roman Gauls reveals a complex and diverse Roman Empire.
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts spent years building relationships with Chinese institutions to land their coveted Terracotta Army exhibition