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Art & Object Launches Virtual Fair Platform with Contemporary Artists

On May 18, Art & Object will launch its first virtual art fair. The first of many vFairs to come, the event will run through May 22.

vFairs are designed to give users—both exhibitors and buyers—the best online fair experience possible. Streamlined and intuitive, the site ensures artwork is prioritized and on full and beautiful display. 

This premier installment—a Contemporary Art show—will feature some of the best emerging artists. Each artist is an MFA student or recent graduate who represents many of today’s best art schools including Columbia, RISD, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Fair attendance is free and open to the public without registration. Attendees to the fair will be able to navigate shows via the exhibitor directory or from booth to booth. They may also choose to filter artwork with tags of interest—such as Textile Art, Modern Art, or Photography—as one might with any advanced search system. Visitors can inquire about purchasing many of these works directly from the artists.

vFair Website Homepage

Art & Object editor Jeremy Howell notes that when planning this first fair, his team reviewed the works of countless emerging artists. “When we finally settled on this group of artists, we felt confident that they represented art's leading edge. We are providing our audience with a unique opportunity to discover artists at the beginning of their careers."

Howell says that virtual fairs began to appear in earnest during the pandemic, but the comfort level with technology has evolved.  “No one would disagree that art is best viewed in person.  But ‘in person’ is not always possible.  Online provides a unique way to view art in an accessible way, and we believe seeing art fairs curated in this way has a strong future. As the world emerges from the pandemic years, Art & Object expects an unprecedented period of creativity. Some of history’s greatest cultural eras arrived on the heels of a crisis. Art & Object’s goal is to help drive the conversation about art and facilitate connections between artists and collectors during this important time."

Howell reflects, “A former art history professor once asked me to describe Art & Object's editorial direction, and I jokingly said 'forward.' We think our vFairs are not just a step forward, but also a step in the right direction."

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