Angelica Frey

Underneath the veneer of classical beauty and harmony, Antonio Canova was a great innovator who modernized sculpture.
In the early-to-mid 20th century, ballet was the art form that connected artists and intellectuals across disciplines, intertwining high-culture, glamour, and working-class aspirations.
Salon Art + Design fair showcases high-end collectible design items, contemporary art, and investment pieces.
There is a strong link between Ernest Ludwig Kirchner’s romantic relationships with women and his artistic output.
More than just muses, the models that made Pre-Raphaelite art a success had artistic ambitions of their own.
Elizabeth Otto's new book painstakingly details how the Bauhaus was much more than a design-centric school.
Andrea del Verrocchio pushed his students and painting as a whole to new heights. Why was his legacy neglected for centuries?

It’s virtually impossible to give a cohesive assessment of the 58th Venice Biennale: its multiple venues are distributed between the industrial-looking former shipyard space Arsenale, the quaint…