Angelica Frey

How an idealized visual representation of the male form that originated in Ancient Greece has survived more or less intact until today
The contemporary pastoral reverie known as cottagecore is one of the visual trends that has defined 2020.
More than just muses, the models that made Pre-Raphaelite art a success had artistic ambitions of their own.
The embodiment of classical femininity, the goddess Venus has taken many forms throughout art history.
The femme fragile was the product of its time: in the Victorian era, feminine weakness conveyed Godliness and mental purity.
While the word “muse” is often used to describe an inspiration or influence behind an artwork, it usually means we are either idealizing a woman or ignoring a female artist’s accomplishments.
Though artists on the cutting edge claimed to revile it, academic art was pivotal in the development of modernism.
Andrea del Verrocchio pushed his students and painting as a whole to new heights. Why was his legacy neglected for centuries?