Angelica Frey

While the word “muse” is often used to describe an inspiration or influence behind an artwork, it usually means we are either idealizing a woman or ignoring a female artist’s accomplishments.
Though artists on the cutting edge claimed to revile it, academic art was pivotal in the development of modernism.
Sando Botticelli’s Primavera, or Allegory of Spring, while pleasant to look at, conceals a complex meaning that, even to this day, scholars are still not in agreement about
Underneath the veneer of classical beauty and harmony, Antonio Canova was a great innovator who modernized sculpture.
In the early-to-mid 20th century, ballet was the art form that connected artists and intellectuals across disciplines, intertwining high-culture, glamour, and working-class aspirations.
Salon Art + Design fair showcases high-end collectible design items, contemporary art, and investment pieces.
There is a strong link between Ernest Ludwig Kirchner’s romantic relationships with women and his artistic output.
More than just muses, the models that made Pre-Raphaelite art a success had artistic ambitions of their own.