Virtual Reality

Alternative Perspective by artist Anton Bakker is the world’s first-ever art exhibition featuring virtual, augmented, and mixed reality interactions, showcasing art sculptures designed from…
If the quarantine blues are still getting you down, access to art is a surefire cure. These four exhibitions you can explore from home bring an infusion of color that is sure to brighten your outlook.
ArtLab was formed to create bespoke technological solutions for the most pressing issues in the art world, including greater accessibility and sustainability.
Major and minor museums and galleries around the world are shuttered for the foreseeable future to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors. Luckily, even when their doors are closed, there are…
As our world becomes more and more technology-centered, museums are embracing new ways to engage visitors in and out of the gallery.
For an emperor whose legacy was condemned after his death, Nero is surprisingly present in Rome today, especially now that his two palaces are again open to the public.
Medical researchers are finding new ways to treat pain using a potent mix of virtual reality and art.
In between Memorial Day and July 4 is a family cookout of another kind at Flutter, the recently opened artist space in Los Angeles through November.