Press Release  August 13, 2020

Alternative Perspective: Where Math Meets Art

New York, NY — Alternative Perspective by artist Anton Bakker is the world’s first-ever art exhibition featuring virtual, augmented, and mixed reality interactions, opening at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) on Saturday, August 15 at 2 p.m. EDT. This virtual exhibition showcases art sculptures designed from mathematical principles that explore the frontiers of perspective and perception.

Visitors will go on a virtual journey through Alternative Perspective in which Bakker’s three-dimensional sculptures reveal how one’s perspective changes the reality of the object before them using underlying mathematical themes, including polylines, curves, knots, spirals, Möbius strips, optical illusions, and fractals.

Fractal Tree

“We are thrilled to partner with Anton Bakker to open MoMath’s first virtual exhibition in Composite, the gallery at MoMath, for visitors from around the world to enjoy,” said Cindy Lawrence, CEO and Executive Director of MoMath. “This groundbreaking exhibition will showcase how a change in perspective can seem to change the very reality of the objects before you. Combining a visually stunning display with unprecedented three-dimensional interactivity, Alternative Perspective takes the visitor on an incredible journey of surprise and wonder. During these very challenging times while MoMath and many museums remain closed, we’re pleased to offer this engaging and highly interactive virtual exhibit to people of all ages.”

Bakker’s sculptures, executed in steel, bronze, or as digital interactives, are constructed at vastly different scales and in multiple dimensions that connect points in space to create different perspectives. Visitors will be able to virtually interact with 3D models of each sculpture, and read descriptions that explain the mathematics Bakker used in each of his designs and how math can influence the changes in one’s perspective when viewing his sculptures from different angles.

“MoMath’s virtual Alternative Perspective exhibit features unique interactive factors that build a bridge between mathematics and fine art,” said Anton Bakker. “The way to reveal truths in life is to look at life from multiple angles. I hope that this exhibit will challenge MoMath’s visitors to explore all aspects of what they see to better understand the radical differences that perspectives can give.”

Viewers’ relationships with Bakker’s work will change as they “walk around” the sculptures in a virtual landscape, revealing dynamic symmetries that demonstrate the beauty and multiplicity of perspectives inherent in all things. Visitors can also turn their smartphones into augmented reality portals to place Bakker’s sculptures into their own real-world backdrops, experiencing mixed reality where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

Anton Bakker is an artist who specializes in sculpture and its digital possibilities. He has been influenced by the people and experiences of his life in the Netherlands, France, and the United States, where his artistic practice has been based for more than 30 years. In 1997, Bakker started a business centered on data analysis while maintaining his artistic practice. His solutions for practical design and construction problems opened new possibilities for connecting lattice points with curved and polylinear paths, which was emulated in his artwork. In 2018, Bakker sold his tech business to devote himself to art. He currently uses technology to compose paths with a unique beauty that transforms his art as the viewer shifts their point of view, challenging the limits of perception and perspective.

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