United States

In the special collection of brittle works on paper at the Boston Athenaeum lies Paul Revere’s 1770 hand-colored engraving, The Bloody Massacre.
Ironically, the most iconic portrait of the president was never completed.
The Spanish Galleon San José, which sank off the coast of Colombia in 1708, was rediscovered by Colombian officials in 2015 near Cartagena. For years, the San José was called the “holy grail of…
Eagles and George Washington have for centuries been mainstream symbols of the United States, and the nation’s unique contributions to science, culture, and the stalwart pursuit of truth.
Endearingly called Little Sister, this mini is actually a replica of the original plaster model from 1878. After ten years of installation at the National Museum of Arts and Crafts (CNAM), she's off…
An initiative to feature a selection of women on U.S. quarters has so far approved two barrier-breaking Americans: Sally Ride and Maya Angelou.
In 1881, nearly a century after the United States defeated Great Britain in 1783, Massachusetts businessman Chester Chapin commissioned a statue to commemorate America’s centennial.
Experimental Relationship is the central focus of the first museum solo exhibition of Pixy’s works at Fotografiska in New York, Your Gaze Belongs to Me.