religious art

The artist used traditional symbols but also created his own, referencing the Bible and Flemish folklore to create unique visual manifestations of established metaphors and puns.
So many books, movies, and web catalogs have been dedicated to his life, work, and correspondences that some interesting facts get lost in the mix. From a passion for religion to familial facts, here…
If you have a bent for the occasional musical throwback, you may wonder why Prince wouldn't sing about “Red Rain.” At least the aforementioned title could boast an alliterative appeal. Alas, the…

On Wednesday, February 3, the US Supreme Court announced a unanimous decision on a landmark case, siding with Germany in a Nazi-era restitution case regarding the Guelph Treasure.

A recently botched restoration of a once beautiful painting of the Virgin Mary is proving once again why it’s best to leave some tasks to the experts.
Eike Schmidt, the director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence since 2015, recently bemoaned the fact that so many great works of religious art are languishing in museum storage.
Have you ever wondered who you are looking at in medieval and Renaissance altarpieces? This video will serve as a primer for identifying saints in art.