Max Ernst

A woman had to be a monster to be an artist– surrealist painter/sculptor Dorothea Tanning

There have been many famous, artistic love affairs and partnerships over the years. These relationships run the gamut from inspirational muses to creative partners to lovers and friends.
Surrealism was one of many art styles that emerged after World War I as artists, alongside the rest of the world, struggled to digest an unprecedented degree of violence and loss.
Featuring rare archive footage, this short film follows Leonora Carrington’s cousin and journalist, Joanna Moorhead, exploring the artist’s story.
Paris, 1929: An avant-garde hothouse rife with artistic conflict and friendly rivalry, fueled in the wake of a tragic world war. Would painting survive the new experiments with photography, film and…
Discover Dorothea Tanning, the artist who pushed the boundaries of surrealism.