Italian Art

A conversation with Dr. David Landau, Dr. Marcella Ansaldi, Director of the Jewish Museum of Venice, and Dr. Steven Zucker while walking through the German Synagogue (founded 1528), the Italian…
A look 'beneath' Titian's canvases reveals the tweaks and changes he made as he worked over four hundred years ago. Find out more with Restorer Jill Dunkerton.
The J. Paul Getty Museum recently announced the purchase of two extraordinary works of Italian art.
In a world of da Vinci biographical sketches, Bambach's four-volume tome, Leonardo Da Vinci Rediscovered, is a masterpiece.
Join Collections Conservator Alice Tate-Harte as she works to restore Titian's 'Orpheus Enchanting the Animals' from the Wellington Collection at London's Apsley House.

The destruction, in 1927, of a number of plaster sculptures by Futurist artist Umberto Boccioni represented a great loss for avant-garde art. Now, using a wealth of photographic source material…