graphic design

The caduceus, constantly mistaken for the Rod of Asclepius, has been wrongly used as a medical symbol for a little over one hundred years. Although they are often used interchangeably in contemporary…
This year’s annual exhibition by Kingston Gallery’s Associate Artists, which opens in the full gallery space on 'First Friday,' July 2, explores the various ways artists inhabit, capture, and…
Conceived by artist-activist Aram Han Sifuentes, this online exhibition reimagines the act of voting as it could be: broad, inclusive, and cause for celebration.
Witness a golden age of entertainment through dozens of beautifully-preserved posters advertising magicians and their feats of incredible illusionism.
For a design so simple, the history of the smiley face is surprisingly long and contentious.
With each update, emojis have become more representative of people from all different walks of life.
Eddy Susanto’s work stands out in the field of contemporary art, in part due to the similarities he sees between graphic design and art.
As hype builds for the July festivities, we’re getting a preview of the spirit of the games through twenty artist-created posters now on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.