Decorative Arts

The Vikings are coming... again! In 2014 The British Museum followed on from the success of Pompeii Live with another live broadcast- this time from the exhibition Vikings: life and legend. Here is…
Isamu Noguchi, a man who spent his career envisioning sculptures as an intentional part of everyday environments, made a passionate attempt to design a new kind of ashtray.
To learn about any culture, one of our greatest resources is its art, and America is no exception.
In Denver's Golden Triangle Creative District, the Kirkland Museum's transplanted historic studio and decorative arts collection shine.
As a highlight of its 150th anniversary celebration, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art this month unveiled the results of a $22 million renovation of the 10 rooms that make up the Galleries for…
Furnishings designed by the architect play an integral role in Frank Lloyd Wright homes, completing a picture of how people—and their things—were meant to occupy his iconic buildings.
The term zoomorphism, when applied to art, can mean any object that uses animals as a visual motif.
Ms. Carroll’s personal collection will be featured in a dedicated exhibition and sale at Bonhams Los Angeles that will celebrate her iconic lifestyle and elegance.