art theft

ARCA CEO Lynda Albertson is the star of a new documentary short directed by Bella Monticelli, Lot 448, that premiered February 1 at the Tribeca Film Festival. In it, she is shown tracking an Etruscan…
A valuable Gustav Klimt painting that was missing for twenty-three years is at last set to go on back on view at its home museum.
In new community guidelines released this week, Facebook announced a new policy meant to halt the sales of looted artifacts on its platform.
Banksy's mural, which depicts a woman shrouded in a veil, was part of a makeshift memorial at the site of the deadly terrorist attack at the Bataclan music hall in Paris.
When a small Dutch museum reported that a precious Vincent van Gogh painting was stolen from their galleries in a raid overnight, authorities were left scrambling for clues.
One of the greatest thefts in art history is set to grace the big screen soon.