art and medicine

As the orginal "Renaissance Man," Leonardo da Vinci’s works have influenced artists, scientists, architects, and great thinkers for centuries. Along with the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, his…

In April, art institutions began honoring the medical profession by showcasing works from their collections under the hashtag #MuseumsThankHealthHeroes. As we cheer the heroic efforts of frontline…

Both symbols feature snakes winding up the length of a central staff, though one has two snakes, and usually a set of wings, while the other has only one snake. Could you tell them apart?
With the help of a two-wheeled robot named the Double, up to five people can ride along with the videoconferencing bot as it peruses the galleries.
95-year-old Dorothy Tanner isn’t slowing down, and after a decades-long career, her sculptures and installations are still enlightening viewers.
Medical researchers are finding new ways to treat pain using a potent mix of virtual reality and art.