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The Best Art Stories from Sekka Magazine - December 2021

Created: Sat, 01/01/2022 - 13:37
Author: jeremy

Art & Object has partnered with Sekka Magazine to share their amazing art coverage. Founded in 2017 by Manar and Sharifah Alhinai, Sekka is an online arts and culture platform that highlights remarkable stories from around the Arab world. Sekka's mission is to reclaim "the narrative about the Arab World and specifically the Gulf Arab States, in international media, by providing [their] global audience with an authentic insight and guide to one of the most important and misunderstood regions in the world, narrated by the people who are from there." Sekka works with journalists across the Arab world, and ninety percent of the content creators in Sekka Magazine are Arab women. 

Each month, Art & Object is highlighting Sekka's best art stories. Our hope is that our readers come away from these stories more knowledgeable about this culturally rich part of the world but also are able to emotionally connect with art and artists that they might not otherwise have been exposed to.

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Enas Sistani Via Sekka Magazine
Written Scars by Enas Sistani illness depicts the words and statements that she received from people as a reaction to her Borderline Personality
How Enas Sistani Uses Photography to Make a Difference in Society


The young Bahrain photographer and artist tackles of issues of social importance through her photography, including mental health.

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Mohammed Al-Attar via Sekka Magazine
A self-portrait by young Omani artist Mohammad Al-Attar. Artwork by Mohammed Al-Attar.
Meet the Artist Building Safe Spaces through His Art


Mohammed Al-Attar is part of the new generation of the country's artists who are fiercely expressive.

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Alia Al Farsi via Sekka Magazine
Corona Quarantine by Omani artist Alia Al Farsi. Image: Courtesy of Alia Al Farsi.
6 Khaleeji Artists Bring Summer Vibes to the World’s Largest Permanent Outdoor Projection


A combination of six of the Gulf’s most well-known and promising names- Sheikha Lulwa bint Abdulaziz Alkhalifa, Alia Al Farsi, Ahmed Al-Refaie,  H.H. Sayyida Meyyan Shihab Al Said, Tariq Alhajri and Fatema Al Zari-  have come together to depict and share their experiences with the hottest season of the year, through the Khaleeji Art Museum’s latest art show.

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Maryam Alhuraiz
Comfortable by Maryam Alhuraiz. This image is part of the artist’s Why won’t I remember exhibition. Image: Courtesy of Maryam Alhuraiz.
How this Gulf Artist Explores Childhood Amnesia through Mixed Media Art


Maryam Alhuraiz investigates her haunting experience of childhood amnesia in her virtual exhibition, Why won’t I remember.

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Ahmed Al-Refaie via Sekka Magazine
Umm al-Saaf Wal Leef, Bu Deryah  imagined by Ahmed Al-Refaie. Illustrations: Ahmed Al-Refaie
Ahmed Al-Refaie: Celebrating Arab Culture through Art

The 34-year-old Kuwaiti (who is more popularly known as Owaikeo) is one of the Gulf region’s leading professional digital illustrators and graphic designers who is best-known for his creative and fresh representation of Gulf and wider Arab culture in his illustrations.