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At what point can an object become art? The opinion that the original "Star-Spangled Banner" is now a work of art is the tried and true view of this "Art & Object" columnist.
The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) added more than thirty outstanding and diverse works of art to its collection in June through purchase and gifts. Among the many highlights of the new acquisitions are meditative still lifes by the 17th-century and 19th-century artists.
Salvador Dali’s oeuvre often brings to mind images of melting clocks, lobster telephones, or crucifixion depictions, but late in his career the artist also created three floral suites.
For artistically-minded people, the ratio—or better yet, the divine proportion—might be easier to understand visually. Here are several examples of how the golden ratio can be applied to works from art history. 
Although her first work was as a model, Lee Miller (1907-1977)—the trusted confidante of many influential artists and an eyewitness to some of the most extraordinary moments of the twentieth century—made lasting contributions as a photographer.
The Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture is now accepting new submissions through August 2nd, 2021 
Savannah College of Art and Design is pleased to announce the launch of a digital art exhibition showcasing the legacy of Savannah painter, educator, museum founder, and civil rights activist Virginia Jackson Kiah, Ph.D.
You can digitally preview up to 4,000 antique and contemporary frames from Lowy’s vast collection with any artwork of your choice.
An incredible artist and businessman, he fortunately lived and worked just as Gutenberg’s printing press (c. 1440) and movable type (c. 1450) began to take off. Dürer produced fine art for wealthy patrons and printed work that was able to, for the first time, be disseminated to the masses.
The Amon Carter Museum of American Art will unveil the acquisition of "Mount Superior, as viewed from Alta, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah" in an exhibition that will explore the origin of the work.