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Looking to become an art journalist? Art & Object's youngest contributor reveals how she went from recent art grad to writing about art professionally. She reveals her story and some tips for success in her podcast An Obsessive Nature.
To describe the global effects of COIVD-19 as “game-changing” would be putting it lightly. But that’s how famed street artist Banksy is shedding light on one of the more subtle cultural shifts resulting from coronavirus.
Many artists have taken inspiration from this war with contagion and decided to contribute to the hygiene awareness campaigns in their countries and beyond.
Sando Botticelli’s Primavera, or Allegory of Spring, while pleasant to look at, conceals a complex meaning that, even to this day, scholars are still not in agreement about
At 355 years old, Johannes Vermeer's iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring still has secrets to reveal.
Few colors are as politically charged as pink.
In a move to adapt to the changing art market, auction powerhouse Sotheby’s has announced a new platform for online art sales.
When a small Dutch museum reported that a precious Vincent van Gogh painting was stolen from their galleries in a raid overnight, authorities were left scrambling for clues.
Longing for social interaction during this time of isolation and lockdown, we looked to Los Angeles—the City of Angels—to find solo shows exhibiting artists who deal with communal concerns from a variety of individual angles.
Los Angeles Harbor College Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to present Evenso, current works by Katy Crowe and Coleen Sterritt.