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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the partnership between artist Daniel Arsham and Emmanuel Perrotin, the gallery has staged shows across its spaces in New York and Paris of the artist’s work.
Hauser & Wirth's newest gallery in New York is solely dedicated to prints and editions along with its publishing arm, Hauser & Wirth Publishers, an eclectic bar, and a small amphitheater for panels and lectures.
In the exhibition Elligible/Illegible at PS122, curators Francisco Donoso and danilo machado explore the complex process of immigration for children applying for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).
In Luc Tuymans’s 17th show at David Zwirner gallery in New York, an exhibition of new and recent large-scale paintings that draw on photography, the artist explores the intersection of memory and history, truth and fiction.
During the postwar era, movements were still a thing, and midcentury New York was the place where they were being minted. It mattered which program you were getting with, and in the late 1950s that still meant Abstract Expressionism, though Pop Art and Minimalism were waiting in the wings. 
Fabric artist Bisa Butler, whose vibrant quilted appliqué portraits have been featured on the covers of Time, Essence, and
As the blooms of spring emerge, so does a fresh wave of artistic brilliance in the heart of New York City. This season, the cultural landscape is filled with groundbreaking exhibitions that not only captivate the senses but also honor the remarkable contributions of female artists.
In the immortal words of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison: “People are strange.” It’s a song that George Condo happened to be listening to in his studio one day and it became the title of his latest show inaugurating Hauser & Wirth’s new West Hollywood location. 
What could be more charming and ridiculous than a show that situates itself at the intersection between opulence and buttocks? This inventive gathering pulls together unlikely paintings, sculptures, and even video to intermingle and invite visual and verbal puns.
I graduated college in the early 1970s and wrote my Master’s thesis on Carlos Castaneda and Moksha as a form of Liberation. At that time, I was reading Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell, attending Sufi dance performances, going through Jungian therapy, studying William Blake, and even contemplating a trip to Lindisfarne.