List Projects: Delia Gonzalez


Miami-born, Athens-based artist Delia Gonzalez works in drawing, sculpture, music, film, dance, and performance. She draws inspiration from a broad range of sources including surrealism, Greek mythology, and different mystical traditions. In her most recent project, The Last Days of Pompeii (2017), the destruction of the titular ancient city serves as vehicle for a fantastical reflection on a post-apocalyptic future conceived against the backdrop of the contemporary political landscapes of her native country and her recently adopted place of residence (earlier, Gonzalez lived in Berlin for a decade). The exhibition at the List Center from this body of work comprises a series of intricate drawings emulating marble surfaces and featuring a recurring moon motif alongside a light sculpture, an architectural intervention, and a sound work.

Start Date
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
End Date
Sunday, September 30, 2018
MIT List Visual Arts Center

List Projects: Delia Gonzalez

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