From Coachella and Burning Man to Berlin, Patrick Shearn and Poetic Kinetics are spreading wonder through awe-inspiring art installations.
Visitors took a load off on the beautiful and functional rocking chair art installation at the Denver Art Museum.
PAMM To Possess Fourth-Largest Holding of Christo’s Work in the United States
Usually, this many bugs in an art museum would result in an urgent call to the exterminator. But when Canadian artist Jennifer Angus is in town, an infestation becomes a thing of incredible beauty.
In four new, large-scale mixed-media works composed of a wide range of found materials, Aaron Fowler references the personal, political, and cultural.
Created with watercolor and ink on handmade mulberry paper from Japan, "Carpe Fin" bursts with figures, landscapes, and action scenes inspired by a traditional Haida oral story: a sea mammal hunter…
A performative installation, the flags intentionally break and manipulate the traditional rules of flag code to question the myth of globalization and equality.
When so much of contemporary art feels like an assault on our senses reflecting the political, cultural, environmental, and psychologically fraught moment we find ourselves in, a new exhibition…