Online Specifications & Policies

Online Ad Requirements

A GIF or JPG should be provided by email to no later than the ad deadline.

The click-through URL is the website to which users will be directed when clicking a banner ad. The advertiser must submit the click-through URL with the ad. Advertisers are responsible for maintaining a working click-through URL. Art & Object does not guarantee any click-through rates.

Banners are not to exceed 25kb maximum for standard banners (GIF, animated GIF, or JPG). Banners may not have animation in any way.

Please allow 72 hours for new banners and click-thrus to appear online.

Partner E-Blast An image 590 pixels wide and any length should be provided five business days in advance of mail date. Advertiser should also provide a click-thru URL.

If you have questions or concerns about your ad production, please contact us at before your ad is due.

Ad Policies

Terms The publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions in the publication or any advertisement beyond the value of the contracted space rate. On multi-issue contracts, ads will be picked up from the previous issue unless instructed otherwise and ad materials are furnished by the materials deadline. Invoices are issued at time of publication. Terms are Net 30. The publisher makes no warranty on the space provided and assumes no liability or makes any representation about the products advertised. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement it deems unsuitable for its audience.

Cancellation Advertisers must inform the publisher of their intent to cancel an ad 3 business days before the online publication date. Advertisers canceling after the space deadline and failing to furnish materials will have their most current ad run and will be billed for that contracted space. If no ad is available, publisher is authorized to run any content to fill the space and such space will be billed to the advertiser at the contracted space rate. In the event the publisher has provided interviews or editoral coverage for a client, that ad will be deemed non-refundable at the time of service.

Non-payment Any advertiser failing to pay for advertising within 30 days of billing is subject to a finance charge at an annual percentage rate of 18% plus loss of discounts when applicable. Any advertising unpaid within 60 days is subject to collections, and advertiser agrees to pay any collection and legal fees including but not limited to a 30% collection agency fee. This agreement is subject to the laws of North Carolina.