Andy Warhol’s Nephew Recalls Pop-Art, Prints, and an Excess of Cats

For years Andy Warhol and his mother Julia lived and worked in an unassuming townhouse near the corner of 89th street and Lexington avenue. The house has been sold and resold many times over, but the spirit of its famous inhabitants remains very much alive in the memory of family. In this episode of A Life Less Ordinary, discover the cherished memories of James Warhola, illustrator, artist, and nephew of Andy Warhol. On visits to “Uncle Andy’s”, a young James would find himself surrounded by pop art prints, Campbell’s soup boxes, and an overabundance of cats. Warhol would encourage his nephew to embrace his own artistic vision, and here James fondly recalls the stories behind some of Warhol’s most notable works, including his 25 Cats Named Sam series. Explore some of these amazing works and more in Sotheby’s Prints & Multiples sale. (26 March| London)

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