New York City has often served as the canvas on which American dreams are painted…

Bonheur put a year and a half into location-based preparatory sketching for "The Horse Fair" and pulled from a number of unique masterworks to find inspiration for the final product. Unsurprisingly,…
Artists, a Gallerist, & a Historian Weigh in on the Merits of the Style
What's the point of making realistic paintings when photography can do the trick?
As part of a prestigious traveling exhibit on still life painting, Scott Fraser’s work keeps him in motion.
The Coors show rounds up the best Western contemporary realists, exhibiting their art in galleries in what is essentially a gigantic Quonset hut also sheltering livestock and vendors.
This short video gives an overview of Jean-François Millet's life. The Realist master is remembered for his powerful depictions of rural French life.

Streamline Publishing presents FACE, the Figurative Art Convention & Expo in Colonial Williamsburg

What Is The Figurative Art Convention & Expo?