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On Sunday morning, January 28, protestors splattered the famed Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre Museum with pumpkin soup.
Towards the end of May 2022, a thirty-six-year-old man appeared to smear cake and icing across the lower half of the legendary Mona Lisa. Read on for more information about this attempted vandalism…
Here are 11 of the most surprising facts about the history of the Louvre.
This week, the Louvre Museum in Paris announced that it will raise its entrance ticket price by nearly 29 percent to €22 ($23.70) on January 15, 2024.

Paris’s Louvre Museum is looking for donations in its bid to acquire a still life of…

While photo restrictions have been lifted on Pablo Picasso's famed Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum, this permission may stifle quiet contemplation.