George Condo

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Updating a landmark 2001 exhibition, art historian and curator Robert Storr brings together 40 artists for Eye Infection, a show that examines the blemishes in America’s self-image.

In the immortal words of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison: “People are strange.” It’s a song that

With, “Entrance to the Mind: Drawings by George Condo,” The Morgan Library offers a modest, but impactful, survey of the artist’s works on paper dating as far back as the mid-1970s.
In late September 2021, Long Museum (West Bund) will present the largest solo exhibition by George Condo in Asia, The Picture Gallery.
While art sales have been taking place online for years, for auction houses, closing in-person sales and viewings is still a leap into the unknown. Sotheby’s London tested the waters this week with…
It’s an enormous monochromatic oil on linen composition featuring a jumble of figures, some consuming media, newspapers, TV screens, all crushed to near abstraction, suggesting a cacophony of sound.…