Ever wondered how art museums decide if a painting is a fake? Artrageous with Nate meets with Dr. Greggory Smith, a forensic art scientist, to follow a painting they suspect is a forgery…

The FBI recovered paintings in the process of being altered as well as an array of sports memorabilia in a recent raid on a Michigan farm.
For over sixty years, experts have searched for a monumental work missing from Frida Kahlo’s oeuvre: The Wounded Table.
An exhibition opening this week celebrates one of “Bill’s” life-long passions: his collection of fakes and forgeries, which he assembled over nearly five decades.
It is iconic, incredible, and unforgettable-- but is the work on view in Paris's Louvre Museum today the real deal?

Stories of art forgeries are among the most captivating the art world has to offer. In this video, Sotheby’s Director of Scientific Research James Martin and art historian Jonathan Lopez recall…