Art Nouveau was inspired by nature, spurred on by the Arts and Crafts movement, and served as a fundamental reaction against Industrialization.

Scientists lead the way in repairing the cathedral, while discovering historical insights along the way...

Last year offered innumerable compelling subjects to

How does race structure America’s cities? MoMA’s first exhibition to explore the relationship between architecture and the spaces of African American and African diaspora communities,

Designed with Henri Samuel and furnished with the finest classical furniture, Russian works of art, silver, and porcelain, the Manhattan apartment of Susan and John Gutfreund was described as ‘the…
Calling out modernist designs of the past seventy years, the order seeks a return to the Classically-inspired architecture of our founding fathers.
How did obelisks, monuments of the ancient Pharaohs, end up in modern metropolises?
This week, the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded Sir David Adjaye with the 2021 Royal Gold Medal, the UK's highest honor for architecture.