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For our third piece on Marco Almaviva, we explore the meaning of the archive.
This week, the Louvre Museum in Paris announced that it will raise its entrance ticket price by nearly 29 percent to €22 ($23.70) on January 15, 2024.
Here are eight contemporary Latinx artists who have made vital contributions to the art world.
What started as a small avenue in which Pantone could engage with the design community in 1999 has blossomed into a worldwide event each December when the Color of the Year (COTY) is announced.
Updating a landmark 2001 exhibition, art historian and curator Robert Storr brings together 40 artists for Eye Infection, a show that examines the blemishes in America’s self-image.
Through intimate photographs and the artist's own words, Danelle Manthey’s photographs and accompanying essays recontextualize light displays as more than just holiday kitsch, but as visionary works of art created by talented folk artists.
A conflict broke out on the platform X between New York Magazine’s senior art critic Jerry Saltz and artist Refik Anadol over a negative review of Anadol's 2022 A.I.-fueled work Unsupervised—Machine Hallucinations—MoMA.
As a preview of Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens to the public on December 8, here are 10 works by artists we think are worth following.
The Metropolitan Museum has announced the artists for the 2024 commissions: Petrit Halilaj, Lee Bul, and Tong Yang-Tze.
Santa Claus hasn’t always been the jolly, red-suited, rotund, grandfatherly gift-giver with a reindeer-drawn sleigh we all know. Here’s a look at how art has reflected the changing face (and waistline) of Santa over time influenced by stories about St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas, and Father Christmas.