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Here are eight paintings found in unusual places that turned out to be worth more than anticipated.
Hoping to establish an annual tradition, Art & Object invited its regular contributors to share their favorite 2023 exhibitions with our readers. The list below highlights twelve important art events from the past year, some of which we covered at the time and others we did not. Whatever your taste in art, these shows prove that 2023 had something for everyone.
Here are 11 of the most surprising facts about the history of the Louvre.
It’s a thrifter’s dream: buy a small painting for $4, find out it's incredibly rare, and come out on the other side of an auction with over $100,000. That is what happened to Tracy Donahue, a New Hampshire resident who became famous in 2017 for finding a work by American painter and illustrator N. C. Wyeth at a thrift store.
Here are the top archaeological finds of 2023.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has announced that it will be repatriating looted sculptures to the Kingdoms of Cambodia and Thailand.
For our third piece on Marco Almaviva, we explore the meaning of the archive.
This week, the Louvre Museum in Paris announced that it will raise its entrance ticket price by nearly 29 percent to €22 ($23.70) on January 15, 2024.
Here are eight contemporary Latinx artists who have made vital contributions to the art world.
What started as a small avenue in which Pantone could engage with the design community in 1999 has blossomed into a worldwide event each December when the Color of the Year (COTY) is announced.