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The exhibition features more than fifty prints curated from Watson’s extensive photographic archive that showcase the artist’s distinctive style, expert use of light and shadow, and the breadth of his fifty-year career.
Two new digital tools have just gone live to bring the richness of the Louvre collections to the world’s fingertips—a platform that for the first time ever brings together all of the museum’s artworks in one place and a new and improved website that is more user-friendly, attractive and immersive.
The allegorical manifestation of "the four continents" is a visual staple of Western art from the colonial period and the eighteenth-century in particular. Used to uphold the idea of European superiority and justify colonialism itself, the iconography associated with each continent is deeply rooted in racism. 
Bartolo—known better as Morgante—was the sharp and quick-witted “buffoon” of Cosimo I’s court (1537 to 1569). In 1555, Cosimo I granted Morgante a ducal privilege in which he is defined as “our most beloved servant.”
I'm essentially self-taught in all creative endeavors from music to photography. And now I'm learning how to run a gallery as they say via "the school of life."
Varied by culture, artistic movement, influence, and preferred medium, these Latin American artists might not have much in common, except for the fact that they deserve more recognition for their contributions to the art historical canon.
Correspondances, an exhibition based around the art of Gérard Garouste and philosophical conversations with Marc-Alain Ouaknin will open on March 25 until May 22 at Templon’s Grenier-Saint-Lazare space.
The Benin Bronzes of Nigeria, their provenance, and the possibility of restitution have been making headlines of late. Currently scattered across the world, this collection of a thousand plus statues and plaques was stolen in 1897 from the African Kingdom of Benin, modern-day Nigeria, by British troops.
On March 23, Basquiat’s seminal work, Warrior, sold at Christie’s in a live-streamed sale for $41.9 million (HKD 323,600,000) just above its high estimate of $31 million - $41 million (HKD 320,000,000) becoming the most expensive artwork ever sold in a sale in Asia and is the fourth-highest price achieved by Basquiat at auction.
The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna), a newly opened online museum specifically designed for the digital age, announces the Avant Premiere special event as part of mowna's Opening Show, which will feature the world debut screening of MUD WATER, a coming-of-age dance film starring Xavier Days, written and directed by My-Linh Le, and “Freedom” a cutting-edge music video directed by Lisa Bonet featuring Dorothy and Angel Haze and an extremely talented, award-winning ensemble of talent, in front of and behind the camera.