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The exhibition New Glass Now offers a global survey highlighting the innovation shown by a dynamic selection of makers. Embracing the possibilities of glass as a vital and versatile medium, the featured artists challenge the status quo and represent a modern era in glassmaking full of new voices, visions, and representation.  
An exercise in world-building that’s as dense as Life After B.O.B. can only be retold in the broadest of stokes, so your mileage sitting through it may vary depending on your attention span. Still, it’s a fascinating twenty-first-century meditation on basic existential questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?
This November, works from the collection of esteemed art collector and prescient television producer Douglas S. Cramer will highlight Sotheby’s Contemporary Evening Auction in New York. Featuring works by Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Cecily Brown, Ellsworth Kelly, and more.
Despite his roots as a sculptor, Michelangelo was frequently commissioned to apply his artistic prowess to other mediums such as painting and architecture, creating some of the most notorious pieces of Renaissance art in the process.
On September 28, Hindman Auctions set a new world auction record for Martin Wong’s Persuit (El Que Gane Pierde - He Who Wins Looses), 1984, which sold for $1.1 million in its Post War & Contemporary Art Auction.
The color yellow has a rich cultural history that rivals the warmth of the various shades that it comes in. Often linked to the sun, it has come to symbolize a multitude of things from power and divinity to peasantry and isolation.
Here are ten great artworks to put you in the Halloween spirit.
This list spans approximately 25,000 years of art-making and is by no means comprehensive. Although this history is complex, the manner in which the female nude appears through the ages is sometimes academic, often objectifying, and occasionally empowering.
TW Fine Art is pleased to present Sky's The Limit, a group exhibition featuring paintings and illustrations by Alberto Pazzi, Roger Allan Cleaves, Carles Garcia O'Dowd, and Spencer Chalk-Levy. The show explores the unique cosmogony of each of the four artists as they build new, idiosyncratic worlds through their work.
Among the most distinguished figures in Contemporary art, Jim Dine (b. 1935) is an inspiring presence as a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and poet. Fearlessly experimental, Dine helped define the Pop Art movement, then expanded his creative reach within and beyond the American art scene.