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If one were to receive a dozen red roses, the meaning behind it would be no secret— it’s a sign of love. But, has this foral symbol always been so well-known? 
The estate of Ansel Adams has made their frustrations clear towards computer software giant Adobe.
Frank Lloyd Wright Jr’s beloved Wayfarers Chapel is currently in the process of an emergency dismantlement. Due to unprecedented damage resulting from an atmospheric river storm system that hit Los Angeles County last February, the elaborate structure has begun sliding toward the ocean at seven inches per week. 
Upon opening the monumental tombs at the ancient city of Aegae, capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia, archaeologists were quick to realize that they had found the final resting place of a royal family— Alexander the Great’s, to be specific. 
On Saturday, May 25th, 2024, Sanford L. Smith, known to friends as Sandy, passed away at age 84. From childhood, Smith had a keen eye for collectibles—accumulating baseball cards and comic books while living with his family in New York. As he grew older and later married, Smith’s home collections turned to antiques: toy soldiers, weather vanes, and 19th-century Austrian bronze figurines.
Around 600 antiquities, valued at an estimated $80 million, have been returned to Italy from the United States. The assortment of artifacts made their way into U.S. museums, galleries, and private collections through illicit excavations and looting. 
A portrait by the figurative, Irish-born artist Francis Bacon has been recovered by the Spanish police in Madrid.
In the spirit of the English poet Alexander Pope, art springs eternal, much like hope. Many artists have recognized the uplifting power of spring, particularly in times of societal and political upheaval. These ten artworks remind us that spring always follows winter's dark days of snow and ice.
In efforts to hold fast against oil magnates, actress Jane Fonda has partnered up with Larry Gagosian and Christie’s to organize a fundraiser in support of the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California.
With the solar eclipse expected on April 8, we're feeling the importance of the sun. Here's a brief look at the sun as a symbol throughout art history.
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