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In the early hours of July 18, a fire at the iconic Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes shocked France.
The femme fragile was the product of its time: in the Victorian era, feminine weakness conveyed Godliness and mental purity.
The mysteries of the life and inner-working of Vincent van Gogh have captivated art lovers for over a century. This month, a researcher with a keen eye made a discovery that gives us further insight into his last days and final masterpiece.
So much of what we know about art comes from art historians, but how much do we know about the art historians themselves?
Conservators at the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) have discovered a treasure hidden in one of their most famous Picasso works.
Paul Klee was a force to be reckoned with in modern art.
In a new series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs in the U.S.
Throughout history, cultures and artists have faced upheavals and catastrophes and reflected them through their work. Here we look at ten great works of art created in uncertain times.
The FBI recovered paintings in the process of being altered as well as an array of sports memorabilia in a recent raid on a Michigan farm.

Today, Vincent van Gogh stands as one of the most celebrated artists of the 19th century, and his painting, The Starry Night, completed in 1889, is not only one of his most famous works, but also one of the most famous paintings in the world. Yet Van Gogh and his beloved painting were not always as famous as they are today.