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In an on-going series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs in the U.S.
In ancient Rome, bathing was a staple, not a luxury. Bath buildings are one of the most frequently encountered types of structure at archeological sites across the Roman world, from the Middle East to Northern Europe.
This installment of Art & Object's top art schools series showcases the best art schools of the West.
It’s too soon to say, and this preview doesn’t presume to provide an answer. But it does offer a look at the art events to be excited for in the coming months.
The top-tier art programs of the Midwest tend to be relatively small, private art and design schools.
The new Netflix documentary by Joshua Rofé examines Ross’ life and career, piecing together old photos, TV footage, and interviews with friends, family, and coworkers to give a sense of the man, his art, and his contested legacy.
Documentation of art-induced fainting episodes dates back to the nineteenth century; the most famous account is that of French author Marie-Henri Beyle (1783–1842), whose pen name was Stendhal.
In a returning series, Art & Object delves into the top art schools and programs in the U.S. This week is dedicated to the Southeast.
At the root of all Gothic art and architecture was the desire to construct something close to heaven on Earth, a place where congregations could feel the presence of the divine.
Neoclassicism, a Western cultural movement that spanned from approximately 1750 to 1850, impacted art and architecture well into the twentieth century.