The Salon Art + Design Show to Light Up Park Avenue Armory in November

The Salon Art + Design

The Salon Art + Design will showcase fine and decorative art from an international assortment of exhibitors at its sixth annual show from November 9 through November 13, 2017, at the Park Avenue Armory, where designers will create more than 50 galleries with art in various environments, suggesting that beautiful pieces are more than simple collector's items.

Executive Director Jill Bokor recently spoke about the upcoming show and what she hopes visitors will take away from the experience.

The Salon premiered in 2012—what's changed over the years?

As fairs do, The Salon has carved an identity over the past half-dozen years. We like to think of the fair as firmly grounded yet open to change. Some things are the same; our galleries are highly international and of the highest caliber. This was a decision made in the context of the New York market; the number of art fairs here is too numerous to count.

Until The Salon, there has not been an event that has showcased vintage and contemporary design, the work that collectors and designers seek to furnish their homes and projects. The advantage of our location at The Armory is unsurpassed; galleries of this quality want to be housed in New York's most affluent zip code.

The Salon Art + Design

What can visitors expect to see when they come to The Salon?

Expect to see furniture and design from every movement, country, and genre, starting with the 1880s. From Josef Hoffman to Ettore Sottsass to Zaha Hadid, the great masters of The Aesthetic Movement, Art Deco, mid-century Europe through the last quarter of the 20th century, right up to the architectural designers of the moment will all be presented at the fair. Furniture, lighting, ceramics, and decorative objects in both uncommon and prosaic materials will be on view and accessible to the visitor along with ancient art, great modern masterworks of art, though Chinese contemporary paintings.

How is The Salon different from other art shows?

One of the ways The Salon differentiates itself is that many of the works on sale are modestly priced in comparison to the high-stakes offerings at most art fairs. Beginning collectors will find material for under $10,000. At the high end are works by great architects and designers at and above the million-dollar level. Simply put, there is a massive amount of diversity of material at The Salon. This configuration of dealers, seen as a whole, rather than discretely, paints a picture of how thoughtful collectors can layer and pair objects, genres, materials, and sensibilities. There's so much texture to this fair from the unmistakably architectural furniture of Zaha Hadid to the playful riff on stuffed animals by The Haas Brothers and the colorful layered chrome of a great John Chamberlain sculpture. The collector who visits to The Salon for the first time will delight in the unexpected.

Is there anything else visitors should know before they go? 

Sanford Smith + Associates has managed all kinds of fairs over the past 35 years. The Salon is the grandchild of Sandy's original Modernism Fair; many have said that Sandy helped to create the category of collectible design.

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