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Etsy Makers Cater to COVID-19

Crocheted healthcare workers by cutecreaturedesigns 

With most of the world following stay-at-home and social distancing orders, many people are looking for new ways to occupy their time. The arts, of course, offer endless opportunities for entertainment, whether it’s taking in a museum or gallery virtually, recreating a famous artwork yourself, trying your hand at making your own art, or perhaps the most popular pastime of all, shopping. Enter Etsy, the online retailer that has been connecting artists and makers with shoppers for almost fifteen years.

In the wake of our global pandemic crisis, Etsy has exploded with coronavirus-related goods: there are nearly 25,000 items under the tag “social distancing.” Whether your needs are more practical or fashionable, Etsy probably has what you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the hand-made goods available to you.

Silver sparkle face mask from FrankLineCouture   

Face masks are in high demand for those on the frontline and those of us just trying to be our safest at the grocery store. Etsy has them in every shape, size, and material--they even have a buying guide to help you pick the right one for you. These sparkling masks offer safety without sacrificing style. Purchase this mask here.

Crochet ear savers by LadybugsCustomDesign

Ear savers are the crucial mask accessory that keep elastic bands from wearing on delicate ears. Elastic bands wrap around buttons, securing the mask at the back of the head rather than around the ears. These come in a variety of materials, including 3-D printed plastic, leather, and this soft, crocheted version. Find these ear savers here.

Social distancing doormat from iCustomProducts

Once you’re prepared for the outside world, you may turn to protecting your own home. Though visitors may be few and far between, a doormat or door hanger will let anyone stepping on your porch know exactly where you stand. Purchase the doormat here and the door hanger here.

Social distancing front door hanger from FreshCutLaserDesigns
Magritte's The Son of Man With Mask by RebordacaoEmbroidery

If your home decor could use a little sprucing, many crafters have beautiful works to help your walls reflect our unique times. This watercolor and embroidered design updates René Magritte's Son of Man, showing what might be hiding behind that apple today. Find this work here.

Cross stitch patterns from MENonWOOLx

And if you’re ready to try making something on your own, Etsy has plenty of options for kits you can tackle. These cross stitch patterns will help you make a perfect memento of these strange times. Buy these patterns here.

Beaded toilet paper earrings from JustBeadit3

Fashion never stops, even if there’s no one else to see it. Whether you are an essential worker, venturing out to the store, or making your grand entrance from the kitchen back into the living room, a COVID-19-themed shirt or accessory may be just what you need to make a statement. These delicately beaded toilet paper rolls to adorn your lobes do just that. Get these earrings here.

"In Fauci We Trust" t-shirt from WeenphisherStickArt

Of the plethora of t-shirts available, many mark graduation ceremonies and birthday celebrations that have been deferred due to quarantine, and plenty others let people know that you want them to keep their distance. This shirt, which pledges allegiance to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, offers a subtle message of hope that our leaders will guide us through these difficult times. Purchase the t-shirt here.

Social Distancing Bigfoot sticker, with proceeds benefiting the Idaho Food Bank, from sentinelsupply

Many products on Etsy offer a chance to give back to causes that support others during this crisis. Some mask-makers donate a mask to an essential worker for every one purchased online. For every sale of this sticker of the elusive Bigfoot, $1 is donated to the Idaho Food Bank. Get the sticker here.

Crocheted mice by Auxpetitesmailles

And if you want to thank a frontline worker by giving them a hug, Etsy can help you with that too. These adorable crocheted mice and bears (above) offer a safer way to hold close those putting themselves on the line to help others. Find the dolls here.

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